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Supported Employment is a service that allows an individual to be connected to a job of choice in their community. Ongoing job development and coaching is provided by a Cross Plains job coach to ensure the person remains successfully employed.

For years businesses in the Dalton area have found people supported by Cross Plains to be successful and reliable employees in a variety of positions.

Employment Services:

Pre-Vocational Training
Before going to work, the employee-in-waiting will go through a process of skill building and enhancement, soft skill development, job shadowing, job search training, and assistance to resources for benefits analysis.

Customized Employment
Customized is NOT competitive employment and is based on an individualized determination of strengths, needs, interests and conditions of the person with a disability as well as the specific needs of the employer. It includes discovery and development of an employment profile with a person centered employment plan. The job is customized to meet the unique needs and strengths of the person and the employer.

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Job Developing
A job developer works to seek out possible opportunities that match with the individual’s skills and interest and supports the person to apply for applicable jobs and assist them through the application and interview process.

Job Coaching
After a person who is enrolled in supported employment is hired in competitive employment, we continue to provide supports specific to the needs of the person and the demands of their new job. Often this means working alongside of them as they learn and master the job duties. As the worker learns the job and creates natural supports, we help on a check-in basis, communicating regularly with managers and the individual.

National studies have shown there are many benefits in hiring a person with disabilities. These include:

  • Low employee turnover
  • Dedicated and reliable employees
  • An untapped pool of talent
  • Employees that love to come to work!