OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADay Services are provided either in the community or at Cross Plains. How people spend their day is determined by using person-centered tools and approaches to discover people’s interests, gifts, and needs for support. We find out what is important to each person, versus just what is important for people. Whether it is creating a unique piece of art, taking a hike, or volunteering at a local non-profit, each person has the opportunity to build community connections, and create a meaningful day through personal choice.

We support people with skills for daily living and focus on individual desires and priorities. A person centered focus requires that we have a continuous system of learning about, listening, to and responding to people. Cross Plains realizes that basic assurances for health, safety, and welfare are fundamental to enhancing personal quality of life, but should be addressed within the context of community life.


1Supported Employment provides support that assist individuals with disabilities to discover their gifts, strengths, and personal interest, and to plan their career goals accordingly. We assist the person to find employment, which includes job development through activities such as resume building, networking filling out applications, and interview preparation.  Upon employment, CPCP provides job coaching and support for the person to maintain successful employment.


Project SEARCH is a work training internship program intended to ultimately lead to competitive employment.CPCP partners with businesses and other stakeholders to provide multiple Project SEARCH programs for both high school students in their final year of high school, and who are in the process of transitioning into the workforce as well as a post-secondary option for those who have already graduated.  The internship provides the opportunity for the individual to be fully immersed into the workplace and acquire the work and soft skills needed to find and maintain employment.  The programs are hosted onsite at area businesses and provide the intern access to real work experience and training in multiple settings and departments.  A job coach is present to provide each intern instruction and feedback, and to assist them with finding employment once they have completed the nine month program.


4Service Planning is the development of an individual service plan that identifies personal outcomes, life goals, and needed supports for health, safety, and welfare. Through the use of person centered practices we promote self-determination, and exploration of personal outcomes and goals. On an ongoing basis we use person centered tools that help people discover things that are important to and for them, and how people can be best be supported. The plan is always focused on the person and builds on their strengths, gifts and interests.
Through the use of One Page Profiles we highlight people’s gifts and talents, note what people appreciate about the person, highlight what is important to them, and how they would like to be supported. This also helps us to match people with the staff that share their interest and would support them best.